Endo people exist


What I want to share with everyone out there is that yes Endometriosis is real,yes the pain is excruciating and if you cross the path of a phenomenal women that is battling endometriosis and she has a smile on her face and she keeps trying you should respect her.Because endo is not an easy, diseases to live with. As much as you cannot physically see it from the outside that the person is suffering, most of the endo sisters suffer in silence,because we cannot explain it,we cannot articulate ourselves well enough to tell you the level of pain we are experiencing. We cannot tell you the level of discomfort that we are experiencing in terms of going for treatment. Because our medical aids don’t cover for endo sufficiently. We cannot tell you how challenging it is to get an appointment with a specialist because they is only a few of them that really know what they are doing.What people don’t see is all of the tears and pain. They don’t see us having to wolf down medication just to function or how ill the side effects of the pills make us. They don’t see the constant battles in our minds on whether to force ourselves to leave the house knowing that our bodies will make us suffer for it. They don’t see us bed bound and needing someone to help us because we are suffering to much to take care of ourselves. They is always more than what meets the eye. So for me it is very important that,this message goes out that if you cross the path of a women that is battling endometriosis please say a prayer for her. Because they are hero’s in their own right,this diseases has taken a lot of people’s lives many mothers many girls, young girls grandmother’s even are living with it even after having a full hysterectomy they are still living with this diseases and they are absolute rock stars for holding out. So many of the amazing women out there have given up this fight. Because it just seems like the best alternative just to end your life. To not have to deal with the finincial burden with the emotional blackmail and the physical pain that you have to endure with this diseases. Please share this post to help create awareness, do some research cause they might be your mother daughter,aunt, wife or girlfriend living with endometriosis and you have no idea that she has it. Go look at the symptoms they are pages available like my blog @my endometriosis journey for you to see what this disease entails it is real it does happen and it is really painful. And it is difficult for a patient or a victim of endo to explain it in words so please send this message out there lets see what we can do and see how many researchers are out there and organization are there that are willing to help with funding to do research because they is no actual concrete evidence as to whats the source of this disease is all of. It is theories and non of it is concrete because every single day a new case arises where they is a new person with different symptoms or a different response to the medication or any type of treatment. So crearly they is not sufficient research being done on this diseases. And lastly I would really like to make an appeal to doctors and women living with endo,please let’s stand together we need to fight or appeal this at the right levels to get this disease covered worldwide. Women cannot be struggling like this it’s a financial burden to have a disease that is not recognized and the treatment methods are not covered by medical aids. It is really crippling for all of us living with endo generally the women suffer in silence they will never tell you how difficult it is to be told that we are not gonna cover this. You need to figure out how to make a payment,that is why so many women are taking their lives because they are so crippled by this disease that they don’t have the energy or the strength to work. So the easiest outlet is just to take their lives because,they don’t have options because its just not covered, and that is my plead to you. Before I go stand with me and stand with every woman with endometriosis so that we can get this message out there and get the help that we need the research outputs that we need, so that this disease can be addressed cause its really breaking us down. And to all my endo sister’s out there I wish you the best am sending lot’s of love and thank you for all the love and support I love you guys I pray for you everyday and we have to stand together that’s the only way we are going,to win this fight. You guys are amazing so keep fighting.💛🎗

Love Miss GM Mphela

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To all my Endo sisters out there who are out there fighting beside me, I’m sending loads of strength and love your way. Thank you for all the love and support I love you guys. I pray for you everyday and we have to stand together that’s the only way we are going to win this fight you guys are amazing so keep fighting.💛🎗

-Gontse Mphela. @My Endometriosis Journey


5 Things Only Women with Endometriosis Will Understand


1 | HEAT

I never knew I’d crave heat so much. Heat is one of the amazing things that keeps me going, I have a heating pad that I use daily.
Also, when it’s 90+ degrees outside and you’re sitting in a bath filled with water as hot as you can handle it, you might have Endometriosis But, don’t worry the feeling you get when your muscles relax in the warm water will make you forget about how much you’re profusely sweating.

2 | Leggings/yoga pants

Oh, sweet leggings, life without you would just not be the same. I wear leggings/Yoga pants nearly every single day, and it’s not just because I’m too lazy to put on jeans, it’s because those suckers are C-O-M-F-Y. They don’t push on your stomach ( which already hurts) and they’re stretchy for the occasional bloating ( more on that later ). I like to add a pair of men’s sweatpants into the mix sometimes when I’m at home, just to spice things up.


Nope I’m not pregnant, I’m just incredibly bloated. Abdominal bloating is a common side effect of Endometriosis. It’s pretty much an asshole. It’s like bloating and Endometriosis made an evil pact to make women feel as unattractive as possible. “ Hey, she’s in pain why not puff her up like the blueberry on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that oughta knock her down a peg or two,” seriously, asshole. Side note: yeah, I said asshole twice, big deal, I’ve earned the right.


When having a conversation about Endometriosis with someone who has Endometriosis, please do not say the words “ Oh, I have bad periods, too “. This is sure to cause the person you’re speaking to, to collapse in on themselves like a dying star and cause an emotional response similar to that of a black hole.


Trying to find the right way to manage your pain is like going on a string of really, really bad dates. You begin super optimistic that they might be the right fit, but in most cases, they aren’t and you have to try again and again. Surgeries, pain medications, treatments, therapies, these are all things us girls with Endo are fluent in. We attempt all of these to try and lessen the pain, not eliminate it, because in the back of our minds, we’ll always know there isn’t a cure, not yet.

My pain radiates. It starts off quiet and low in my abdomen and then gets louder, more sharp, more twisting, pulling, until it’s completely taken over. It’s like someone has ahold of my insides and they’re slowly wrapping them in barbed wire like you’d wrap a Christmas tree in lights. It’s the worst kind of pain.

Endometriosis has the power to pull you into a dark place where you feel completely helpless, don’t let it. When you’re living in the darkness you never have the chance to truly see the light. And although on most days it’s hard, keep going. 176 MILLION women worldwide have Endometriosis, and together, by spreading awareness, we can fight back.

-Gontse Mphela. @My Endometriosis journey

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When Everything Goes Dark


This is my safe landing place, my ground to test, and try, and mess up, repeatedly. Writing about my journey is very therapeutic, something about my fingers hitting the keyboard allows me to express everything I’m feeling with ease. I guess you could say I’m not very verbal when I’m in a dark place.

Lately, my pain levels have been out of control. I wake up and it hurts, I go to sleep, and it hurts. I’m in a season right now that I don’t know how to navigate, and I feel incredibly alone and afraid. It’s funny how you can still feel loneliness when you’re almost always not alone. I think that’s part of the demon that comes along with any chronic illness, it wants to make you feel that way.

Pain has the ability to completely take over and transform you into someone you don’t recognize.

Some days are better than others, and on those days I make sure to take full advantage. I make sure I’m doing fun things with my family and friends, and really knocking things off my to-do list. On those days I feel like myself, I feel so productive and happy. Then something happens inside my stomach, something gets angry and irritated and just flat out flips out. It’s a slow but steady storm that gets more and more intense.

Every time I’m having a bad pain day I try and think about all of the young ladies who have texted me asking for advice. Girls who are sixteen and who have just been diagnosed with Endometriosis. I think about who I want them to see, someone who lets the illness control her, or someone who gets up, dusts herself off, and fights right back. Most days I choose to fight back, but lately the fight has left me.

When these girls reach out..
I want to tell them everything will be fine, that they’ll figure it out but in all honesty, I don’t know if that’s true, because I’m not fine.

How can I possibly give someone advice when I myself don’t have it figured out? How can I tell them they’re going to be fine when I’m struggling, someone who has tried nearly everything.

I wanted to share this dark time with you, because I wouldn’t want to be anything but honest with you. I am going through a really difficult time, but it is part of my journey. It’s part of my Endometriosis story, and documenting the dark times, the hard times, will only help others understand just how intense this illness can be.

As always, I have too much to fight for to let this beat me.

I have too much love in my heart and light in my life to let this darkness take over.

To the women out there who are out there fighting beside me, I’m sending loads of strength and love your way.😚

Gontse Mphela

@My Endometriosis journey


“You may not be able to change it but you can choose how to deal with it.”

This is my most recent motto to myself. I cannot change my illness it’s never going to go away unless one day they find a cure. But I can choose how to deal with it by accepting it,is what it is. 3 weeks ago I did not feel this way. (I was depressed)I was stuck in a pity party coming to terms with my diagnosis, diet change and recovering from surgery. But fast forward to now…

I’ve decided I can’t change it,but I can choose to live with it or fight against this disease. I’m going to live with it and do everything I can to minimize my symptoms. That means gentle walks, eating gluten free, dairy free, sugar free foods, stop drinking alcohol, seeing a pelvic psychotherapist, and practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Miss GM Mphela.